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Where is LEAP?

There are two LEAP schools in Lawrence accepting students living anywhere across the city. Click the button below to see more information. 

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  • LEAP students are not eligible for transportation to school. This is true for all Lawrence Public Schools pre-k students as well. 
  • LEAP students with a formal IEP which includes a requirement for transportation will receive all services stated in the IEP.
What is the Lawrence Early Achievement Partnership (LEAP)?
Through the U.S. Department of Education Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG), Lawrence Public Schools, Greater Lawrence Community Action Council GLCAC), and The Community Group (TCG) formed the Lawrence Early Achievement Partnership (LEAP) to carry out the requirements of the grant.
LEAP facts:
  • LEAP will add 130 new pre-k seats for four year olds in Lawrence for each year that the grant is funded. Sixty-five students will be located in the GLCAC program and sixty-five will be in the TCG program.
  • LEAP is a full day/full year preschool program. Students attend school for 8 hours each day and the school year runs from September 2015 through August 2016 (260 days).
  • The total annual investment of the grant to Lawrence is $2.4 Million.
What is the Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG)?
PEG is a federal grant awarded to Massachusetts by the U.S. Department of Education to increase families’ access to high quality preschool programs for four year olds in five high-needs communities (Lawrence, Boston, Holyoke, Lowell, and Springfield). The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) partnered the public school district from each community with local community-based programs licensed by EEC.
Massachusetts' Preschool Expansion Grant model builds on the momentum of key milestones and achievements over the past decade such as the development of quality standards and a quality rating system, the inclusion of pre-k in the state's ELA and Math curriculum frameworks, and the framework for a statewide birth to 3rd grade early learning system.
What are the benefits of the LEAP program for Lawrence?
The preschool expansion grant is a great opportunity for the community of Lawrence to pilot pre-k initiatives while building strong collaboration between providers of early childhood education throughout the city.
Over the next three to four years LEAP will focus on the following initiatives: student transition from pre-k to LPS kindergarten, academic alignment for pre-k through third grade, family engagement, educator professional development, and use of data.
Is LEAP a Lawrence Public Schools (LPS) Program?
Students in the LEAP program are not LPS students and none of the staff are LPS employees. GLCAC and TCG are the direct managers of their classrooms. LPS acts as a program and fiscal monitor to ensure the high-quality of the program. To this end, LPS is committed to providing available resources and guidance throughout the duration of the LEAP program.