LEAP The Community Group had a lot of fun today visiting Smolak Farms!

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Leap TCG parents, please join us November 15 for a workshop on budget friendly ways to buy healthy foods at your local grocery store. We will provide childcare so you can bring the whole family. Every participant who RSVP's in advanced will receive a reusable grocery bag with a $10.00 gift card for the grocery store.

Miss Driscoll with a student

Welcome students and families to the LEAP - TCG program! We hope you enjoy your year with us and we look forward to watching all of the students grow!

Child care weather watch scan

Conditions in GREEN allows for young children to play outdoors comfortably.

Conditions in YELLOW young children must use caution and watch for signs of children being too hot or too cold. Child care providers need to shorten the length of time outdoors (possibly cut down to 10 - 15 minutes maximum).

Conditions in RED are potentially dangerous due to weather conditions and even though children may ask to play outside, child care providers are insisted to refrain from outdoor activity.

100 degrees Farenheit and over is hazardous! Too Hot!

31 degrees Farenheit and under is hazardous! Too Cold!


Students dressed as community workers

This week we had guest speakers talk to the students about the roles they have in our community.


*** Start of Spanish Translation***

Durante esta semana colaboradores de la comunidad visitaron la escuela y hablaron con los estudiantes.

*** End of Spanish Translation***